Tower Climbers Spot Missing Children!

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OK, here is a feel good story! Police were looking for missing children in Tennessee when they ran into the tower crew heading up the mountain. The Policeman mentioned that 2 children were missing all night. Believe it or not, Eric heard a dog bark while when up on the tower and was able to locate the kids. When he saw the kids Corey called the police! Story with video is here,

Great job Corey Fitzpatrick, Eric Elliot, and crew, up on Mowbray Mountain. They helped find young Hannah and Gideon Musgrave who are 7 and 4 years old respectively. Corey says that it was Eric that heard the barking and saw the kids while up on the tower. Good eyes and ears, Eric initially heard the dog barking. The kids were chasing a dog into the woods the night before and they never found their way back home. Where is Lassie when you need her? 

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