Chasing Dreams: The Flum Family

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I was told about a young guy that is trying to be a rapper. Common story, right? Well, this guy, Kevin Flum, is 20 and he is the cousin of a climber, Trevor Flum, who died last year when he was hit by a drowsy driver while working in Oklahoma City. Trevor was 36 and his partner, Joshua Oglesby, 22, when they both died in the accident. I thought it would be a good idea if we could support Trevor’s cousin so that we can honor a fallen climber.

Remember that climbers are on the road a lot, we lost around 7 climbers over the last few years to car crashes. They aren’t recognized as a tower fatality because it didn’t happen on a tower, but the industry suffers a loss all the same!

I never met Trevor but from what I am told, was a climber that worked hard to become better and better as a climber. For those of dog-tags_clearbackgrondyou in the business you know that you must be in good physical and mental shape. Sadly, due to circumstances beyond his control, his life ended, but his legacy didn’t.

You see, I was told that the work ethic that Trevor displayed left an impression on his cousin, Kevin Flum. After the accident, Kevin had a rude awakening. Two things became clear to Kevin. Work hard at your dream because life is short! This inspired Kevin to chase a dream, something that he really wants to do. While it’s not everyone’s dream, it is his dream. He wants to be a rapper. Here is an opportunity. Why don’t we help?

He actually has a shot at his dream. He has been working towards a goal of performing in front of a mass audience for over 6 years. Now he has a real shot. On New Years Eve there is a concert in Dallas called “Lights All Night” where a contest can decide if he performs or not. He is doing very well in the running so far, topping out around #3 but he needs help to win. If he wins, then it is up to him to make or break his career. I think we should help him out! Let’s show him that we support him and how much we appreciate a member of the tower family. He lost a cousin, we lost a fellow climber, let’s help Kevin. It’s a click and a vote, that’s all!

Hey, I am not a big fan of rap music, but I will vote and support this kid. I would hope he remembers to support the tower community when he hits it big!

He is young, he is an artist, and he is growing in popularity. I think we could all help him in this quest, for his cousin’s sake! Let’s show Trevor’s family that we support his cousin, Kevin, in this quest. We can bring a smile to their faces in some way. Whether you like rap or not, let’s vote for him to do this! Let’s make this happen for him. Let’s click on the link below and show the support of the wireless deployment community.

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Give to the Hubble Foundation because if you don’t help these families, who will? Who supports Hubble? The wireless workers and the tower climbers, that’s who! With no support from the carriers or NATE, so it’s up to you! What if it were you? Would you want help? Who would help you if you were hurt? Who would help your family, your spouse, your children if something happened to you? Do you see the people who are hurt?


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