Wireless Deployment Handbook for LTE Small Cells and DAS

I get asked questions about small cell deployments all the time. The first question is “how can I do the deployments?” and the second question is, “how can we deploy small cells and DAS systems efficiently for less money?” Most people don’t know the end to end process of what it takes to deploy. Once you learn the process you can start to dissect it to build a better process.

Here it is “The 5G Deployment Plan” available now!

All the questions add up. What are the differences between indoors and outdoors? What are all the steps? Why is it so expensive? Do you still need to optimize? Do you need to do e911 with LTE small cells? What can be done to make it more efficient?

Introducing the “Wireless Deployment Handbook for LTE Small Cells and DAS”. Written for the deployment teams.

A document to help the deployment teams understand the end to end process. The handoffs are very important. Covering deployments to make them easy to understand.  This will be a living document to be updated as the industry changes, (the great thing about eBooks is that you can update it and send the updates out to the people who bought it). See all the steps that cover end to end deployment. Look at the planning and how it is laid out. This will help the teams that are planning to go from macro deployments to small cells. Look at this as a tool for learning all the steps and how to plan for your part. Why not learn from my mistakes?

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For me, this has been a learning process over the past 3 years. The original thought is that it would be a “cell site” but smaller, which it is, but I learned quickly that the model is cost prohibitive. The backhaul is still an issue The process has evolved and I realize now that the models have to be cost effective to sell. So I thought I would record what I have learned by putting together a book that would outline the end to end deployment process.

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The Wireless Deployment Handbook  Paperback

A partial table of contents so you can see what’s covered!

Naming Overview (Abbreviations and Acronyms)

A Quick Note on Deployments

What is a Heterogeneous Network?

What is a Small Cell?

Why Install Small Cells?

What is CRAN?

Why Install CRAN?

CRAN Deployment Notes

What is DAS?

Why Install DAS?



DAS or Small Cells?

Will DAS and Small Cells Work Together?

What is a Mini Macro?

Why Install Mini Macro Cells?

Unlicensed Bands

How Does Wi-Fi Fit In?

What is LTE-U?

Carrier Aggregation

Carrier Aggregation with Wi-Fi, LTE-U, and LTE


Connections – Backhaul and Fronthaul

Backhaul and Fronthaul Options

Backhaul Planning

CRAN and Fronthaul and oDAS

What is involved in deployment?

Project Management

RF Design

Site Acquisition

Site Survey

Site Design

Network design






Value in Partnerships

Deployment Evolution

Installation Skills for Small Cell, DAS, and CRAN

Fiber Connections

Copper Connections

RF Connections

Mounting the Small Cell or CRAN RRH

Pole Mounting

Strand Mounting Notes

Stealth Mounting Notes


Overcoming Challenges: Problems and Planning

RF Coverage versus Offloading

Permitting and Zoning Challenges

Backhaul and Fronthaul Challenges


Mounting Assets

PIM Testing

Tiger Teams


Planning Overview

Don’t you think it’s about time that the end to end deployment is laid out so that field workers get a good understanding of wireless deployment of small cells and DAS for the carriers? I do, so I took a few months to put together this deployment handbook to give a view of the end to end deployment steps for LTE small cells,dog-tags_clearbackgrond DAS and CRAN. Why? Because this will help you make your part of the process easier. Helping you plan and build a price model. You may not be the lowest bidder, but you will be the smartest bidder. Plan ahead for not only the pricing but also the work flow. Handoffs were a problem in the past since the teams didn’t know what was next. When the teams are all on the same page then the process becomes more efficient. Most people think it’s just the installation, but there’s so much more when you look at it end to end

“Plan ahead” is more than a saying, its good business. LTE small cell and DAS can be confusing. This book will help you understand, in layman terms, what is happening out there. The learning process can be costly, so why not get an edge? Knowledge is power and having a reference really helps.

Be Smart, be safe, and pay attention! 

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Cover V7 LTE

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