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Happy Thanksgiving USA! I am thankful that I get 2 days off for this, how great is that? I worked through enough holidays to thank GOD that I have 2 days off. Yes, as I get older I really appreciate my time off so that I can create this content for you.

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Most asked questions to me? “Are you hiring?” and “Who is hiring?” I have told many of you people where to find a job. So I thought it would be a good idea to lay out some sites that most of you could find work. I get people reaching out to me all the time for work. By dog-tags_clearbackgrondthe way, the best thing you can do is look for work and reach out to your contacts to see who is hiring. As much as I hear people ask me “Dude, can you hire me today?” it really is not the best way to get a job. Especially when I give so many of these people websites and advice and they say they don’t’ have time to do any of it. Clicking on a website and completing the forms takes time, but it helps you prepare for the job search and get clarity on what you need to do.

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Build a resume. Name, contact information like email and phone numbers and address. The put on a list of certifications along with previous jobs. RCR did a good story on this that may help you. Remember, be honest. If you lie and get caught it will come back to burn you. I know many people keep some things quiet but this industry is pretty small and tight. However, if you tell someone the last guy is a jerk, they may agree with you. They may hire you anyway.

The best thing you can do is build a good network. Many good people out there, who are easy to get along with, can get a job by word of mouth. I hear about this on Facebook all the time. Remember that I may be looking soon, so for all of you reading this, think of me! One more thing, the more bridges you burn the fewer options that you have. Friends are great and the more you help the better off you are. Let’s look at the formula for getting recommended: Good worker + friendly + quality work + honesty = good recommendations.

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WDH = Wireless Deployment Handbook 

WDH PayPal on

WDH Credit cards and PayPal on

WDH Kindle has a lighter version

I recommend building a profile on LinkedIn so that companies can easily see your profile. This way they know that you are a real person, not some guy screwing people out of hours and equipment. By the way, a key part to fitting the profile is not to steal equipment. I see on forums about people that screw companies all the time. Most of you will react to this by saying, “well look at what they did to me!” I am not here to argue, but respect is a 2 way street. So if they screw you, quit. If you are good and you have a good network, you should be able to find something. There are always exceptions, depending on where you live and what you want paid.

Another thing you can do it track your credentials, your certificates, everything you have been trained for on this job. Keep the certificates. If they are PDF forms or emails, keep them on a personal email account or personal computer and on a thumb drive. You can also use a service like QRedentials which has free registration right now.

Also, it pays to learn. Reading books, blogs, and listening to podcast are for people that are interested in becoming better. That’s why I put together the Wireless Deployment Handbook for LTE Small Cells, CRAN, and DAS, so that you have an edge on others that do deployments. I also put out a newsletter which has learning links in it so that the people that read it really gain expertise in what part of the deployment they may be interested in. Unfortunately, to be honest, some people I talk to really don’t’ care, they just want a job, not a career. Do you know the difference?

So where do you look? Let’s look at this list here.

What if you want to do contract work?

Finally, don’t forget to look on Craig’s list. That is very local, but I see jobs posted all the time, for instance I listed some below. I don’t know why they list on Craig’s list, it doesn’t seem professional to me, but it may be very effective.

There you go, good luck.

By the way, so you know about being a 1099 employee or have you been one? Tell me about it and sign up for my newsletter below. I want to do a story on the 1099 employee and I need input on the good and bad.

Be smart, be safe, and pay attention.

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Be smart, be safe, and pay attention!

Learn about QRedentials

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Give to the Hubble Foundation because if you don’t help these families, who will? Who supports Hubble? The wireless workers and the tower climbers, that’s who! With no support from the carriers or NATE, so it’s up to you! What if it were you? Would you want help? Who would help you if you were hurt? Who would help your family, your spouse, your children if something happened to you? Do you see the people who are hurt?


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Learning Links

EXFO software updates found here.

Interested in millimeter Wave Active Component characterization? IEEE has a free class.

What is LTE?

LTE quick guide as a good tutorial.

LTE Roaming explained

How does Wi-Fi work? or try

Nationwide SAR Initiative training for Law Enforcement

Telecommunications Best Practices for Missing Children

MIMO Tutorial

Interested in learning more about fiber?

Are you Rope Access certified? Do you know about SPRAT? It is rope access certification for anyone who would be on a tower, in a tree, or scaling a wall.

LTE Tutorial:





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