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Today I have an interview with Hardik Ajmera of XcellAir, http://xcellair.com/, who provides a solution for carriers to manage and optimize their wireless network to deliver the best Quality of Experience, (QoE), to the end use. You see, if the end-user has a poor QoE then they may not want to stay with that carrier. Mobile Network Operators, (MNO), have a hard time managing the transition from LTE to Wi-Fi. This is where XcellAir comes to the rescue.

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They provide solutions for the MNO to utilize both licensed and unlicensed spectrum providing the end user with a quality experience. They provide an industry first cloud based, multi-market Wi-Fi and LTE QoE solution. How cool is that? They actually can manage the system to give the end use the best QoE possible.

This package allows the MNO to manage and optimize the wireless system so that the unlicensed spectrum is utilized to the best of its capacity. By improving the unlicensed spectrum usage the capacity for the carriers will greatly increase scalability.

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If you want to learn more, the resources page is awesome, http://xcellair.com/resources/, and I would recommend you go there and download the information they have and watch the video. You will learn more about what they do and see a business case so that you can see how this leads to monetary gain. There is a wealth of information here, technical and business information.

I interviewed Hardik, the Director of Product Management, about not only XcellAir, but what they do and what they have to offer the Wi-Fi teams. It was interesting.

It didn’t stop there, I also brought up the constant battle between Wi-Fi and LTE-U that has been brewing in the industry from some time now. Hardik sees the problems that could arise from LTE-U running where there was once only Wi-Fi. He also knows that LTE-U is coming and they his company has to prepare for the release of LTE-U. They are already preparing for it in their packages.

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We discussed small cells and how they would work with Wi-Fi and the unlicensed spectrum. XcellAir needs to be prepared for these changes and they are working to improve their package so that the end use has the best possible QoE they possible can. Remember, if the customer isn’t happy on your network, they will find a carrier that works better and make the use experience a pleasure, not a headache.

With XcellAir providing support for LTE-U it doesn’t mean they will go away from Wi-Fi, they know that Wi-Fi is here to stay and that every device today and in the future will have Wi-Fi in it. Wi-Fi is here to stay, it will just have a new neighbor called LTE-U.

Keep in mind that Wi-Fi is needed by the carriers to offload the heavy data use that devices demand. End users are going to be more and more demanding as the wireless ecosystem grows.

Learn more, listen to the podcast. There is so much value there and you will learn more about QoE, Wi-Fi, and LTE-U. I just can’t cover it all in this blog post. Hardik educates us all on all of this. He is a wealth of knowledge and a good guy.

Remember that the QoE matters to the network operator because customer complaints mean 2 things, 1) losing customers and 2) headaches for the engineers! To have a package that will manage that for you is priceless!

I hope you learn something in this.

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