NATE Unite 2016 Review

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Hello again as I return from NATE Unite, which was awesome! I really have to thank the NATE team for all that they have done for this year’s conference. I really had a great time.

First off, I want to thank the NATE team for putting this all together in an efficient way that we could attend sessions and walk the floor. Great job team! You really outdid yourself this year. I believe everyone there was thankful for all the hard work and the results that they saw there. Great job team NATE!

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Second, I want to thank all of you that I saw there and came up to say hi. I wish I had time to talk to all of you. I really appreciate the feedback and conversations I had with all of you. It really means a lot to me that you would take the time to talk. I am also happy that no one came up and hit me! I appreciate being surrounded by friends. In this industry we consider each other brothers and sisters. When you go to this event you see how the companies are more than just a place to work, or just a team, they become families. When someone leaves a company, they are not forgotten but remembered, hopefully in a good way, just like when a family member leaves the nest. When you do tower work, you learn to respect your fellow workers because you understand what they do and what they risk.

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The sessions all were full, the attendance was amazing. I wish I would have made them all. In fact, there was a meeting at the Hilton for drones at 6:30AM and there was a large group of people who attended at 6:30AM off site and it was a great meeting that went on for over an hour! Everyone was very active in the meeting. When a team is in New Orleans and gets to a meeting at 6:30AM to talk drones in the tower industry, it tells me that we have a very dedicated team of workhorses! This team will put the limits of technology and safety for this industry. That’s right, the wireless & tower industry where the steel meets the airwaves!

There was a demo of Tower Tracker Pro at NATE! Did you see it?

The sessions that I attended were great and I really think all the speakers did a good job. I know that the lunch and dinner speakers were also interesting to watch.

I got there in time to see the dedication to Ernie Jones that was moving by dedicating a scholarship in his name to the school near his home. His wife was honored and seemed to be very moved by the heartfelt and emotional dedication of the scholarship in his name.

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I walked the floor and it was great to see the people that UI have communicated with on Facebook, LinkedIn, and email. I got so many cards from all of you. I still didn’t get to talk to everyone, sadly, but if you were there and we didn’t hook up, or even if we did, let me know by emailing me at I want to know what you thought of the show.

Did you see Sean Payton’s keynote speech? It was great to have him there. Unfortunately I had to take a call during his talk so let me know what you thought of him.

Next year it is in Ft Worth, Tx.

I will write-up more on the sessions soon.

Be smart, be safe, and pay attention!

See ya!

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  1. It was great to finally meet in person! I agree that the NATE Event Committee did another phenomenal job! I learn a few new things with every trip and this year was no exception…

    The QREDENTIALS soft-launch at the NATE Expo went great! We started with around 250 QRedentialed Members and left New Orleans with over 330! We now manage some 2,000 credentials for our industry and with the commitments made there will be thousands more, soon! We connected with many of the Great Leaders in the Industry and are blessed to see Big Things for the future of ridding our Industry of fraud and securing the credentials produced by our Member’s Corroborators!

    Your QRedentials Corroborators were really “Workin’ It”! There were 18 Corroborator’s with their booths in the show. 15 of them proudly displayed there QRedentials Crew Cubes and/or QR-Smart Binders, and many of those collected hundreds of Raffle Tickets for the QRedentialed Tablet Give-Away.

    QREDENTIALS drew the winning ticket and the Tablet went to Aaron Paulette from LBA University (another AWESOME QREDENTIALS Corroborator!!!) Thanks to all new Members!

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