Tower Shock Survivor John Richardson talks of Family, Faith, and Recovery

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Here is a story of not only a survivor, but an inspiration of someone who truly feels he is blessed from GOD and someone who really inspires by his great attitude and his love of his family. I have to tell you if you don’t have faith before this, you will after you listen.

First, some background. If you want to read about the accident when it happened follow this link to read about when it happened. His wife was quick to set up a GoFundMe account, found here, that helped the family through this very difficult time. His accident happened on September 23rd, 2015, which caused him to be flown to one hospital, then to another. He survived and he tells us how he is doing.

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In this interview he talks about how he was shocked by over 20,000 volts of electricity from some electrical lines next to the residential tower he was working on. He not only recovered but he is working again. He will never climb again because he lost his lower right leg, but the way this guy is pushing forward is amazing. John is more than a survivor, he is inspirational!

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He is so thankful to be where he is. He doesn’t feel sorry for himself like so many people would. He is moving on and being thankful for his family and all this who helped him.

We talk about his wife who was so amazing to not only stand by him, stayed with him in the hospital, but got the funds to keep them moving forward. She did so much for him and when he talks about it  I was moved by the love this woman had.

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Another thing that he talks about is how GoFundMe really helped them through this. How the Hubble Foundation and the Tower Family Foundation did so much to help them through this situation. These 2 foundations really stepped up and did all that they could to support the family. They didn’t ask for anything in return, the only asked how they could help this family. They worked with Elaina, (John’s wife) to help her anyway they could.

I want to point out a few things, John could sit around and feel sorry for himself, he didn’t and he doesn’t. He is moving ahead with such faith it really moves me. His wife Elaina is an amazing person to support him this way, she is an amazing woman.

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The support that the GoFundMe donors is moving. The support that the two outstanding foundations, the Hubble Foundation and the Tower Family Foundation deserve so much credit here to support the family this way. I want to make sure that people know these foundations are out there to support climbers and their families in need at a time of devastation.

I would like to note that Dr. Bridgette Hester and Mr. Ben Little are 2 of the best people I know. The passion that these 2 have to help people in need in this industry is amazing. I would like to thank them for all that they have done and continue to do for all of us. Their passion inspires me and should inspire all of us to help others without expecting anything in return.

Finally, let me say that Surf Air Wireless is an amazing company. They supported John throughout the entire process and he still works there today. How amazing is that? He works for them in the dock and they really are supportive of his recovery. They are doing what they can to keep him going. WOW! Surf Air Wireless is a great WISP in my book. You will hear what he says in the interview.

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I really think that John is an inspiration to humans in general with his faith and great attitude. He has been through so much, yet he doesn’t whine or complain, he remains positive and keeps moving forward. He is truly an inspiration to all of us. Look what we have! We have our health, we have both legs, and we can go to work tomorrow without wearing a prosthetic leg, and yet we complain about our problems. They don’t seem so important now, do they.  I recommend taking the time to listen what he has to say.

By the way, John wanted me to make sure that I mention his brother, Joel, who called 911 and stayed on the tower with him for almost an hour until the medics arrived to get him down and to the hospital. He literally owes Joel his life and they work together. How great is that?!? They got John down with a bucket truck and Joel was there to assist.

If you want to hear more from Elaina and John, their blog is at and she will keep you up to date. I plan to talk to Elaina in the near future.

Keep the faith, be smart, be safe, and pay attention!

GOD bless John and all the people who helped them.

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