Carriers need a VAD and VAR Program for LTE Small Cells and DAS!

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I truly believe that if the carriers would setup a program that would approve VARs, Value Added Resellers, to install LTE indoor small cells, then they would have no problem improving their densification. It would be a great leap forward to simply setup a program to approve them for the indoor installation, testing, and optimization. This would not only solve so many coverage problems for smaller businesses and building owners who are willing to fund their own coverage, but improve carrier coverage at the same time. We could even put multiple carriers in each small venue.

For example, Verizon’s Enterprise unit started a Value Added Distributor, VAD, program. Now, this has little to do with wireless at this time because it includes, “Verizon’s RRR service includes forensics, cyber incident assessments and designated security experts from Verizon who can go out to customer sites to conduct IT investigations 24/7.” Per the story at found here.

Why do we care in wireless? I will tell you why I care! This is the type of program the carriers could setup for indoor small cell deployments! Not outdoor, but the indoor small cell deployment. It’s funny because the wireless carriers want to expand indoor coverage but don’t want to pay for it. Customers want better and they are willing to pay for it. If a VAD could do it then they wouldn’t need to call Verizon and complain, instead they could call Verizon and ask for the nearest installation and integration team. Problems solved! I feel that the carriers demand complete control when this program would help them improve coverage for minimal costs.

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Why is this so hard for all of the carriers to understand? I get it, plug and play on the small cells isn’t quite there yet, they may have problems with the neighbor list or cause self-interference or mess up a handoff. Well, figure it out, expand the network and have the customers pay for it. Honestly, what are you waiting for? T-Mobile already is giving away home small cells, why not let businesses install their own? They already paid for large DAS systems.

Think of how this would change the coverage, it would improve so quickly when a building owner would be able to install small cells to improve coverage for less than a full blow DAS system! I get it, do they?

T-Mobile made it clear that traditional DAS was too expensive, so here is the best cost effective way to do it.

I know so many companies that want to sign up for this, and yet the carriers won’t offer it because they think that it may cause network problems. Well here is a model where they can control who the OEM is and provide a solution for their customers as well as bring more work to the contractors out there doing DAS and indoor coverage. It could expand into LTE-U and Wi-Fi. I see it as a game changer and a quick way to expand coverage as well as add customers. Let’s do this!

Be smart, be safe, and pay attention! 

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