Tower Related Injuries and More

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There were a few accidents this week I wanted to report on. They weren’t communication tower accidents but they were all tower related.

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Hey everyone, there was another injury this week. Wally Reardon posted this on Facebook and we are trying to gather more information. On county road 170 near county road 120 in Texas Tower Safety for all your safety training!there was a man who fell about 100 feet from a utility tower and is alive! From what the article says his harness did catch him. The injured man’s name has not been released but his coworkers are Tyler Chavarria and John Vincon. Chavarria was also injured on the scene but did not require hospitalization.  A helicopter came to take him to the hospital. His 2 workmates called for help. The injured man was flown to Corpus Christi Hospital. Thank GOD he was conscious when he was treated at the site. For more go to

Update! I got feedback on Facebook from Dr Hester, “David Troy Highpower, the injured climber this week, from what I understand will have to have a surgery or two but has been awake and on the phone and expected to recover.” I want him to know that I will be praying for him, so if you could, please take a moment to say a prayer for Troy. 

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A ComEd worker fell out of a cherry picker when a crane lifting a tower section in Forest Park, Il, dropped the section and it hit the power lines and the cherry picker bouncing the ComEd worker out of the cherry picker onto the ground causing him great injury. The accident happened at 16th and Circle Ave when the workers were putting up a cell tower with the ComEd worker up about 30 feet close to the tower work. For more go here,

A tower at Midland County is being razed and disassembled. For more go here,

Support the tower groups that support tower climber families!

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