Rick Ledford Explains Comstar Training

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Today I have Rick Ledford of Comstar, www.Comstarusa.com goes over the training that Comstar offers. He is the COO of Comstar. I would like to thank Rick for taking the time to talk to me, it was a great talk. Now the audio at the end got a little choppy, sorry, but the interview is great. Rick talks about how the training has evolved past just certification into a full-blown course for not only tower workers, but RF and field works. This school Rick has put together goes beyond the 2-day training program into a full-blown course for field work.

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It would be best if you listen to Rick, but the course is going to prepare you for more than just the climb. It has all the certifications built is and troubleshooting techniques to take you beyond just being a laborer. You get fiber certification, climbing certification, first aid certification, and more. You learn to sweep fiber and RF lines.

Tower Safety for all your safety training!
Tower Safety and Instruction

If you take the course at the college, then the students are required to have a valid driver’s license. They also get drug tested, so you know this person is clean. These are all things that I don’t see any other class room doing.

Training is something that needs to be taken seriously. My audio was bad at the end but Rick made a point to say that nothing on the tower is worth your life, so when working out there be sure to be safe and put your life first. Don’t take unnecessary risks.

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Comstar highlights:

  • 47 various classes:
    • 16 various fiber classes
    • FOA certification.
    • ETA school.
    • 4-day certified Fiber Optic Technician.
    • EXFO training.
    • ODM training.
    • Tower safety and Rescue training.
    • Civil requirements training.
    • Course length can range from 4 hours to 15 weeks.
  • Courses are acknowledged by SACS, (Southern Association of College and Schools.
  • Approved for VA Training.
  • FAFSA approved for federal funding.
  • Assist in placement of students who take the 3, 6, and 15 week courses.
  • Providing consulting services to improve efficiencies and safety within companies.
  • Learn more at http://www.comstarusa.org/training.

Rick is very thankful for the support of all of his partners! He wanted to be sure I mention all of them.

There is a long list:

  • Comtrain – tower training for safety, fall protection, rescue, and rigging.
  • ETS International – offers 80 technical certifications for basic communications, fiber optics, workforce readiness, IT, and renewable energy.
  • Better Metal – Communications industry distributor of infrastructure products.
  • CommScope – Creating the infrastructure that innovates including end to end high performance solutions for critical communications and more.
  • Cumberland University – a private 4-year institution founded in 1842 located in beautiful Lebanon, Tennessee.
  • ODM – Optical Design Manufacturing provides innovative optical test equipment that is simple, affordable, and scalable.
  • Zayin Fiber Optic providing optical networks design and consulting, instructor and leadership programs, organizational workforce development, and more.
  • FOA – The Fiber Optic Association is setting the standard for approved training for FOA certification providing training in over 40 countries.
  • Heartland Solutions – providing a full range of communication construction and contracting services in the most safe, responsive, and efficient manner possible.
  • EXFO – providing test, service assurance, and network visibility to enable carriers to assess and optimize fronthaul and backhaul.
  • Primus – providing solutions to power business, education, and research. Connecting individuals and entire communities.

I appreciate all that Rick is doing and has done for the industry. He is watching TIRAP and the NWSA closely so he can be prepared to support both programs.

Be smart, be safe, and pay attention!

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