Tower Safety Veteran Patents Credentials Verification Service (CVS) to stop The Fraud

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Today I wanted to talk about how we can clean up the tower industry’s sloppy credential problem. There are several companies out there that fake safety credentials and certifications! Advanced Safety Pros’ Founder, Clifford Wilcox found a way to improve the system of uploading, tracking, and verifying a field worker’s credentials. This is a way to really improve the certifications by having them verified by the school itself.


So how do we stop the tower certification fraud? We verify faces and certifications! The bad apples made it harder, and more expensive for everyone to work in this industry, Cliff has a way to help solve that problem!

If you think we need a great way to clean up the problem of poorly accredited credentials, fraud, and industry-accepted certifications, then listen to the podcast and hear what Cliff has to say. This solution can be used across so many industries, from medical to security to the wireless industry. I think it’s a great solution to verify that

If you think we need a great way to clean up the problem of poorly accredited credentials, fraud, and industry-accepted certifications, then listen to the podcast and hear what Cliff has to say. This solution can be used across so many industries, from medical to security to the wireless industry. I think it’s a great solution to verify that ‘people are who they say they are’!

Some background on Cliff. Cliff is a self-proclaimed, serial entrepreneur with over 30 business ventures in the past 40+ years.  Tower Safety for all your safety training!He currently serves Atlanta-based Integrated Tower Services as a Business Strategist and Manager, partners with his wife at CW Productions – based in Wyoming, is the President and Senior Safety Consultant for Advanced Safety Pros Corp – based in Reno, Nevada AND is Founder and Chief QRedentialier “KWER-dential-ear” for “QREDENTIALS”.

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This latest brainchild is a great way to manage credentials for all the people that need to keep track of their certifications and documentation. The person that has to manage all of these for the workers can keep it in an Account that keeps it readily available and easily updated anytime they need it.  Then, to take it a step farther, QREDENTIALS Black Diamond membership even verifies the certifications and credentials to make sure that they are legitimate with the school that is on the document. Then anyone can see that it’s the ‘Real Deal’.  Not all can be verified, but the Climbing credentials, Emergency Responses, along with the OSHA 10, really MUST be legally provided and verified, right?  Take 2 minutes to watch “MEET SAL” on QREDENTIALS‘ Home Page or on YouTube at

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QREDENTIALS solves the problem of tracking and verifying the credentials in the field. The uniquely generated QR-code for each Member makes it easy for the safety inspector to verify the credentials of each worker of every site. By using a smart phone, you see the people on the tower, real-time and then you easily access their credentials by scanning the QR-code for verification.  It is quick and easy.

Pain Points:

For the field worker – carrying the binders full of certifications and keeping them in the truck but available. Also, keeping it up to date.

For the safety manager – keeping all the credentials in one place, keeping the binders up to date, keeping track of all the certifications and credentials for each employee.

QREW QUBE-v.3.0Or the field manager or foreman – looking for the binders and keeping each binder available as tower hands change crews.

For the safety inspector – looking at the binders and verifying the workers in the field and trying to see what is outdated or not valid.

Problems resolved:

Now, the climbers and foreman can keep one badge with a QR code, not worrying about updating the binder because the safety manager will keep the QR file updated.

TOWER CLIMBING: AN INTRODUCTION (The book about getting started as a tower climber)

The safety manager no longer needs to make copies. They can just upload the files to the directory on the website.

For the inspector he can scan the QR code and see the credentials immediately and then look at the climber with a smartphone to verify the climber on the tower is who he says he is.

To learn more about QREDENTIALS go to and see all that they have to offer. You can sign up for free at and you can get free training just by asking at to see how to use it properly.  Also, check out the early stages of products, customized for your Account, at the QR-STORE by checking out, Qrew-Qubes, Office Qubes, Smart Binders, Scanner-Aligners, all COMING SOON at

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Reach Cliff by emailing him at or go to and see how to reach him.

So let me know what you think, email when you think of something to say!

Be smart, be safe, and pay attention!

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  1. Hey Wade, as you know, I grew up in a family owned And operated Communication Tower company, my Father Lonnie L. Powell @ Powell Tower Maintenance Inc. In Hastings Nebraska. Dad started in business in 1968, when his previous employer Larry Thornburg, who owned Midwest Tower Service was tragically killed in an accident up on Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs. I was raised and taught to free climb towers, and as everyone is aware, now days that is unacceptable in the rule book. I still climb occasionally, but not full time, as for the last 20+ years I am involved with the HVAC industry. I was trained the way it was back then, and when I have worked with other companies in the past, they also free climbed. I do not disagree with the tie off rules, but for some of us ‘Dinosaurs’ can’t do it any other way, for it is to risky to step on a good rythme. But yes to have a rating/credential system is everything. If you don’t think so, maybe you should not do tower work for you are not very proud of what you do. But everyone has an opinion, as well as an xxxhole! Lol.
    I do miss the industry, but for me the work in on the ground and on the roof now, and for that I am blessed!
    Thanks to all the men and women that make our lives a connect thru the amazing power of Communication these days. The industry is very vibrant and so alive, yet nobody really appreciates what these people do for it. They sacrifice countless weeks on the road, working in most unbelievable conditions, in darkness, and crazy ass situations that most humans would have a hard time holding themselves too. I totally agree with a points threshold for companies to live up to, and should be enforced. Proof that you are what you say you are is a way of life in this world, yet once most of us are gone, nobody really allows us much credit. Well time someone changes how that works, I think it is great. Thanks Wade for your awesome website, it is my everyday delight to see what you have to present!

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    • Cory,

      Cliff Wilcox here. Your comments are well taken and extremely timely… As you may have garnered from the Podcast, I don’t climb much anymore either (I guess you, me and Wade are the dinosaurs you indicated). Ironically, I too am steeped in the HVAC World right now and am amazed to learn that there are more similarities than I ever realized… The lack of training and professional credentials is appalling! We are so pleased to be establishing QREDENTIALS professionalism into the HVAC Industry from both the Safety side AND (more needed) the Trade/Skill side!

      I would be honored to help you and your firm get QRedentialized when you are ready to offer that benefit to your Customers…



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