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Hello all,

I have the results from the job search survey!

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So before I begin, remember that OSHA has a heat index app for iPhone and Android at https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/heatillness/heat_index/heat_app.html so you know what you’re getting into that day!
So looking for a tower job? I did a survey, found at https://wade4wireless.com/2014/06/11/tower-climbers-where-do-you-look-for-work-survey-time/ that I have been asking for results for the last several weeks. I had over 200 votes on the survey and I had about 50 people reach out to me via Facebook and email.

  • At the bottom were a few that people responded to;
    • Local newspaper, it seems only 2 people use this anymore.
    • Send me a message – many people just reach out to me. All I can do is post it people.
    • Craigslist – near the bottom with 5 votes
    • Generic job search sites – near the bottom with about 7 votes
  • The RCR Wireless website, http://www.rcrwireless.com/article/, uses http://www.telecomcareers.net/ and that had some noticeable votes.
  • Tower Climber Company websites – this seemed to be a standard resource. I think that most people go directly to the companies for work. I had about 12% here.
  • Tower job search sites – this is where most people would write in. Write in votes:
    • Wireless Estimator of http://www.wirelessestimator.com/helpwanted.cfm was the overwhelming choice here and all I can say I am sorry I didn’t add it as one of the choices. I should have had this as a choice! Sorry guys at Wireless Estimator, your site has so much on it that I forgot that you can also get a job there. If anyone wants to learn more about the industry it is a great place for news and updates and there are so many tools there for work. It’s a great resource.
    • I had another write in, http://www.towerclimber.com/ that was there as well.
  • #3 on the survey – LinkedIn – had a few more votes but not many, I know that many of you use this for job search and many companies put the information on LinkedIn. If you didn’t read it then take the time to look at http://wp.me/p3OC6A-dQ and build your resume and background on LinkedIn. It takes some time but it will be worth your while if you start job searching.
  • #2 on the survey – Facebook – this got 15% of the vote. Many of you look for work on Facebook, this was the #2 choice and I know that I see many job postings on there as well. Facebook is a huge resource for this kind of thing. If you’re not in one of the many tower groups then maybe you should start joining. There are so many tower climbing and tower climber groups. It is a good resource for tower workers.
  • # 1 on the survey! Word of mouth – this was #1 with over 20% of the vote. Apparently most people rely on word of mouth to get a job. I would be willing to bet that Facebook plays a part in this. In today’s world many people reach out to friends, but it’s not always a phone call, it could be on Facebook or LinkedIn or an email.

So I hope this helps, let me know what you think and tell me where you look for work!

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Remember that the Hubble Foundation needs your support. Show you care for the families of the fallen and the fellow climbers in need. They still have tickets to the car giveaway! Support Hubble, honor the fallen, and maybe win a Mustang!

www.HubbleFoundation.org   OSHA deaths Tower-chart1

I am working on 2 new projects,  a new book that outlines my different jobs in the industry and a library of reference material that you can access quickly to take to the site. I want to see you make the site safer with quick reference material. If you have any idea of what you need out there let me know. Show me you care, Facebook, wade4wireless@gmail.com or leave a comment or leave a message at 510-516-4283

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