OSHA Cites S & S Communication Specialists, Inc.

I am not sure if you saw but OSHA issued some citations. Here is some information.

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S&S Communication Specialists, Inc has a serious citation for the way in which they removed the diagonals. This is all for the accident at the tower site that was at 9141 Murphy Rd, Clarksburg, WV. Proposed penalty #1 is $7,000 for not using temporary braces or supports. Citation #2 is another “Serious” citation for the attachment of personal fall arrest equipment not capable of supporting at least 5,000 lbs. Issued on July 23rd. Total of $14,000 for both citations. S&S has 15 days from July 23rd to respond.

If you remember back on Feb 1st that 2 workers and a firefighter died when 2 towers collapsed, Kyle Kirkpatrick, 32, from Hubert, Ok, and Terry Lee Richard, 27, of Bokoshe, Ok. May they rest in peace. Also, a firefighter that was called to the scene also died when a second tower collapsed during the rescue attempt. He was Michael Dale Garret, 28, if the Nutter Fort firefighter of Clarksburg, WV. May he rest in peace.

I am reading in one article, WBOY.com that they account for 9 deaths in 2014 attributed to tower work.

Citation: http://media.wvgazette.com/static/watchdog/S%20and%20S%20OSHA%20Citations.pdf

So what are you going to do? Make sure you can do the work if necessary!

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I wrote a blog on the OSHA hoist update and about this accident a few time here and here.













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