Happy Holidays, Please say a Prayer for who we Lost in 2014

Merry Christmas and happy holidays. I pray that you are all with your families and having a wonderful holiday this year. Please appreciate this time with your families and loved ones.

Next time you are asked to climb when you don’t’ feel the weather is right or things are going wrong or if you have a gut feeling that something is wrong. Next time you know something is wrong, please put your life first.

I put this together to remember the ones we lost this year. I don’t want the families to relive bad memories, if they do I apologize. I only want you all to remember and say a prayer for these families on this day. I am doing this to honor their memories as the hard workers they were and that they will not be forgotten. I am doing this to make a point that things need to get better. I know many climbers don’t want change because they may be getting a steady paycheck right now. Just remember that in just a few seconds that could all change.

I would like you all to appreciate your time with your families this holiday.

Special thanks to Facebook friend, Nick Fiedler for sharing this on Facebook and giving me this idea.

Please verify the information and let me know if anything is wrong.

Name Date Age Hometown Company Link
Ronaldo Eduard Smith 1/31/2014 62 Texas Not known Link
Terry Lee Richard, Jr 2/1/2014 27 Bokoshe, Ok S&S Communications Link
Kyle Kirkpatrick 2/1/2014 32 Hulbert, OK S&S Communications Link
Michael Dale Garrett (Firefighter) 2/1/2014 28 Clarksburg, WV Nutter Fort Link
Chad Weller 3/19/2014 21 Stevensville, Md Redwing Electric Link
Martin Powers 3/25/2014 38 St Charles, Mo Wireless Horizon Link
Seth Garner 3/25/2014 25 St Peters, Mo Wireless Horizon Link
Cody Freeman 6/17/2014 28 The Colony, a northern suburb of Dallas, Tx Microwave Transmission Systems, Inc. Link
Joel Metz 7/2/2014 28 Indiana Fortune Wireless, Inc Link
Thomas Lucas 8/10/2014 49 Toledo, Il Sherwood Tower Services Link
James G. Linstedt 9/17/2014 59 Self Link
Allen Lee Cotton 12/18/2014 44 Sumter, SC Central USA Link
Joshua Oglesby (Auto Accident) 8/26/2014 22 Georgia Midwest Underground Technology Inc (MUTI) Link
Trevor Flum (Auto Accident) 8/26/2014 25 Tennessee Midwest Underground Technology Inc (MUTI) Link
John Johnson (Tower Painter) 7/24/2014 41 Du Pont, Ga Southwest Tank and Tower Link
Gazmend Vukaj (Water Tank Painters) 10/26/2014 40 Novi, Mi Contracted through Southwest Regional Water District Link
Florjan Milaj (Water Tank Painters) 10/26/2014 25 Farmington, Mi Contracted through Southwest Regional Water District Link
Walter Murray (Water Tower Painter) 4/9/2014 29 Madison, NC Boss Enterprise through English Construction Link
Pedro Macias (suicide jumping from tower) 4/21/2014 60 Elizabeth, NJ Link
Christopher Zweidinger   (suicide jumping from tower) 10/20/2014 38 Manchester, NJ Link

Isn’t it time you support the Hubble Foundation who supports the families of the fallen?

For more tower climber accident information:




What do you think? Let me know.

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