The Smart City Tech Planning Handbook

Book release alert for the Smart City Tech Planning Handbook. It is out! The Smart City Tech Planning handbook which will give you case studies, technical avenues for smart cities, and ways to deploy! Yes, it’s a guide to get you started.

The pain point is most groups working on a smart city, or a smart campus project doesn’t know where to begin. They often struggle just figuring out what is possible. I noticed that every city has a different definition of what they want for a smart city then they have no idea how to get there. They don’t know what has been done, really been done, and they don’t know how to get started.

Many cities fall prey to the large OEMs because they come in and offer a specific solution which the city may or may not want. So they go with it, or they run demos thinking that this is something that the people want. The people generally tell you what they want, if you’re listening. Don’t forget small business and large business for that matter, what do they really want to do business in your city? How do you get there? What has been done? I’m here to help!

Figure out your foundation, your assets, how to monetize and what you can use for your foundation, it could really help you now by knowing and planning, not guessing or assuming. Let’s work together!

This book is here for you to plan your path to deploying technology in your city for your purpose. Not only that but what assets do you have that you can use or even better yet, make money on. Wouldn’t it be nice if the city could find a way to create revenue streams off what they have? Remember that you don’t need to be tied to a large company to make money from your assets. In fact, do you even know what your assets are? You should figure it out ASAP! Again, this book will help you figure that out, and it will guide you to getting the help that won’t take you down a path you don’t want to do.

Showing you what has been done and what can be done. There is help for you. This is a guide to get started. It will help you see what’s been done and what’s possible. Let me help, take some time and learn all you can. Make informed decisions about how to deploy and learn from what’s been done. Understand why they did what they did. Understand how to get where you want to go.

I’ll explain more but here is how you can get it!

The Smart City Tech Planning Handbook, available at:

Here is an overview of the Smart City Tech Planning Handbook!

Your Smart City Planning Guide for broadband, IOT, and solutions in technology. A handbook for learning more about smart city use cases, technology, and roll out.

We want you to prepare and plan for your smart city with all the information needed to move ahead cost effectively to develop your vision. Your city may have more assets to make it smart and bring in revenue, do you know how to do that? Get some help from others who have done it. Look smart by planning for your smart city vision!

Are you working to create a smart city? Are you taking that step to add the technology need to build infrastructure for your smart city? Let me help. You can gain the knowledge to move ahead in this book to plan your deployment, your growth, your services. If you don’t’ want the book, then send me an email, I can help. This book is to help you get started.

Everyone thinks technology is just broadband, and this is a big part of today’s world, but the services need to be aligned with your smart city vision. How do you do this? Plan the vision around the technology and know what you have so you know how far you should go.

This is all covered, with case studies, plenty of links for you to reference and PDFs to download. It’s more than this book, it bigger than that, it’s providing you models and solutions.

Are you ready to build your smart city? Do you have the budget? The infrastructure? Why don’t you make sure? This book will help you and your teams!

Smart City Questions:

Do you know that the smart city is here now?

Most cities want to be a smart city, and they are looking for technology to save them. I once saw a TED talk where they described a smart city as being the way the buildings are built. Let me tell you something; the buildings are constructed in these cities. While it would be wonderful to plan a smart city from scratch, it’s not the reality of the cities out there. They intend to improve the existing city infrastructure, which is no easy task. That’s the purpose of this book, to help you work with cities and have them develop their smart city initiatives. Develop a plan!

Learn this!

What is a Smart City?

How do you plan the Smart City infrastructure?

Where do you start when developing the smart city?

What planning is involved?

Whom should I partner with?

What about permitting, rent, acquisition, construction planning?

Whom should we work with? Learn all this and more from case studies and deployment planning. The rest is up to you!

The Smart City Tech Planning Handbook is broken into 3 general sections.

  • It provides case studies to show you what has been done in other cities around the world as well as what larger OEMs envision can be done. This is to provide you with real world case studies as well as concepts to get your idea flowing for your city. It also shows you it can be done, it’s not pie in the sky but real solutions to real problems where technology provides the solutions!
  • We discuss the technology that is out there and available. It is a good idea for you to learn what is real and what is coming. In today’s world, the technology and spectrum can determine what can be done and what is 10 years out. Luckily, things move fast today. The only real limitation is getting past the limitations that people, and governments, impose not themselves.
  • What is the foundation of smart city technology? While the technology really matters, what good is it if you can’t roll it out. These things need to happen in steps or phases. Providing a foundation is key to your smart city dream becoming a reality. Use this as a guide to building it the way that you would like to see it.

Get it today!

The Smart City Tech Planning Handbook, available at:

PDF version on Gumroad:

PDF on Sellfy:

Amazon Kindle: Click here.

Paperback: Click here for the paperback!

KOBO, ITUNES, and more!

Below is a sample of the Table of Contents for you to review:

Table of Contents

  • Smart City Questions
  • Community Living:
  • The Purpose of this Book
  • How to use this book
  • What’s been done?
  • Smart City Technology overview
  • The Foundation of your Smart City
  • Your Smart City Plan
  • Deploy, Deploy, Deploy!
  • What is a “Smart City”?
  • Smart City Research Case Studies
  • How to read this section
  • Smart Cities Council and Cisco
  • Smart Cities Projects
  • India Smart Cities
  • Singapore
  • Santander, Spain
  • Yinchuan, China
  • General notes
  • IDC Government Insights
  • Multiple Case Studies from National League of Cities, (NLC), “Trends in Smart City” publication.
  • Case Study Chicago:
  • Case Study Philadelphia, Pa
  • Charlotte, NC
  • San Francisco, Ca
  • Columbus, Oh, Smart City report
  • Smart City Cleveland
  • The US Department of Transportation Smart City Challenge
  • NYC Planning Document called One New York
  • Smart City Columbus
  • The Smart City Playbook by Nokia and Machina Research
  • Sum up Smart City Focus
  • Smart Cities Council
  • Summary
  • Smart City Technology
  • How to read this section
  • An Outline of Smart City Broadband
  • How do we use and roll out broadband?
  • Who uses that broadband?
  • What will the city get from this mass roll out?
  • What is the transport method?
  • Who will roll out what?
  • What technologies are available?
  • Sum it up
  • Why does Indoor Connectivity matter in a Smart City?
  • Fiber
  • Cable & Copper
  • Wi-Fi
  • LTE-U
  • Public safety bands
  • DAS systems
  • Small Cells
  • CBRS
  • Indoor coverage summary
  • Smart City IOT Technologies
  • What is IOT and how will we use it?
  • A Little History
  • What is NB-IOT?
  • Is IOT a 5G Service?
  • IOT Services in the Smart City
  • IOT Wireless Tech:
  • More “Smart City” IOT resources:
  • Fixed Wireless in the Smart City
  • What is Fixed Wireless?
  • M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)
  • Spectrum for 5G Fixed Wireless
  • Why does Fixed Wireless Matter to a Smart City?
  • 5G Resources
  • Which Technology is right for us?
  • What’s first?
  • Build or lease?
  • Let’s build!
  • It built, now what?
  • Leasing is easy!
  • Who owns the solution?
  • Choose your vision, then plan wisely!
  • Smart City Advantages of Using Technology
  • Summary
  • The Foundation of Smart City Technology
  • How to read this section
  • Assets
  • What do we mount on these assets?
  • Take Inventory of what you have
  • Smart City Audits
  • Mounting assets (lamp posts, wood poles, telephone poles)
  • Underground assets
  • Fiber assets:
  • Building tops and Towers
  • Billboards:
  • Parking Garages:
  • Street Furniture:
  • Wireless Backhaul:
  • Data Collection:
  • Notes:
  • Resources:
  • Summary:
  • Smart City Planning
  • Setting the Vision
  • How do you make the Smart City Decision?
  • Decisions: Expense Reduction or Income or Future Vision?
  • Hard Solutions
  • Think of your long-term budgets.
  • Smart City Start-Up Checklist
  • Don’t let the OEMs push you into something you don’t want!
  • Smart City Sustainability
  • Expense Reduction:
  • Rent
  • New Sources of Revenue
  • Potential Business Models
  • As A Service Models:
  • You don’t have to do it all!
  • Smart City “Other” Services
  • Resources:
  • How do you get Broadband to the “Underserved”?
  • Mounting Small Cells in the City
  • Deployment Solutions for Smart Cities
  • Smart City Obstacles, (Real and Perceived)
  • Deployment
  • Change is Certain!
  • A Smart City is a Safe City
  • Acronyms and Definitions
  • Naming Definitions (To help the non-technical person talk technical)
  • Overall Summary
  • Smart City Assets Are Everywhere!

Get busy! Get the book, read, learn, and plan!


 Get it today!

The Smart City Tech Planning Handbook, available at:

PDF version on Gumroad:

PDF on Sellfy:

Amazon Kindle: Click here.

Paperback: Click here for the paperback!

KOBO, ITUNES, and more!

Other books and products by Wade:

About Wade Sarver

Hi, I’m Wade. I write blogs and books. I work as a solution manager for a major OEM. I consult groups on smart city deployments. I help market and bring products to market. I create online products to help tech deployments. Let’s make great tech happen.

It can be summed up like this. Wade Sarver is a blogger and podcaster at and an author of several nonfiction tech books, a solutions consultant TechFecta,, as well as a solution manager for Nokia. To reach out to Wade, you can email at or or twitter @Wade4Wireless.

Thank you for making it to the end! I appreciate your endurance, tenacity, and perseverance!



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