Smart Tech Products

Here are some products to help the Wireless Industry!

Click on the pictures for more information!

The Small Cell Report

Small Cell Cover 4

The Backhaul Report

The Massive MIMO Report

Learn 5G in the Real World

The Wireless Deployment Handbook

Your deployment information for small cells, CRAN, DAS, and general wireless equipment deployment.

Cover V7 LTE


The 5G Deployment Plan

A handbook to cover your 5G deployment updates.5g-deployment-plan-front-cover-3k-pixels


Tower Climbing: An Introduction

If you are starting out in the climbing industry, start here and read the book that can introduce you to the job and the equipment you will be working with.

W4W Cover 4sw

The Tower Worker Logbook

I created a simple log/spreadsheet to help you keep track of your daily work and who you’re working with and what project you’re working on.


Tower Worker Logbook

Learn more about how to work with your scope of work (SOW) to understand the structure, what to put in it to make sure you get paid, and how change orders need to be set up prior to the job!

SOW Training Cover

Field workers like to have a quick reference when they are at a tower site, let me help with this eBook!

Wireless Field Worker's cover V2

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