Apps for the RF Field Worker.

Update found on LinkedIn, from Jacob Wallace who works for Rope and Rescue added this:

Thanks for the list. Rope and Rescue made a gear inspection and job tracking app for iPhone and Android called SafeTrack. It’s completely free, and has no ads (other than the Rope and Rescue logo at the bottom). 
iPhone –
Android –

Original post:

These are mostly for the iPhone so if someone out there knows if these tools are available for Droid, let me know. I will list what I can find. Not all of them are free, so don’t buy anything unless you have an absolute need for it. I only put this together to get you started. I hope it helps. This is only a reference, I did the best I could to help you out.

  • RF Tools by Huber + Suhner AG for iPhone is a simple tool that shows you a wide variety of RF specific values.
  • Freescale RF Engineering tools are something that on your iPhone has a compilation of calculators and converters for RF design.
  • RF Tools + for $2.99 for iPhone has a quick and easy way to calculate phase, wavelength, time delay, insertion loss and other RF calculations.
  • ViewNotes will allow you to take pictures and make notes for tracking hardware or a site, for 99 cents it is handy on your iPhone.
  • CoaxLoss for iPhone is 99 cents and will allow you calculate insertion loss. If you think you need this make sure you read about it first to make sure it will suit your needs!
  • MegaPhase for your iPhone is a free app that will help you specify RF Coax cables and connectors.
  • RF Link Calc is a $2.99 iPhone and iPad app that models the characteristics of an RF Link, including Wi-Fi link. You can compare the max distance, Tx power levels, and gain margin.
  • For the iPad there is the RF Profiler for $9.99. If you do microwave paths this is a good program to model your next link.
  • For the iPad there is a Smith Chart for iOS, if you work with Smith charts for circuit design.
  • VSWR Converter, available and free on iPhone in the App Store.
  • Rohde & Schwarz has several apps that you can use on iPhone, all free, here are a few;
    • dbCalculator – calculate db gain/loss, VSWR conversions, dBm conversions to watts and volts.
    • Field Strength & Power Calculator
    • Aviation RF Link – quick calculation of forward link from ground station to aircraft, calculates path loss based on LOS conditions, and more.
    • Interference Hunter – may help track down interference.
    • Wireless Communications Calculator – covering cellular and non-cellular standards from A to Zigbee.
    • TopSec Phone – VOIP client for encrypted and unencrypted voice communications
    • ProSoft RadioLinx calculator, free iPhone engineering tool to help plan your wireless network.
    • ProSoft iView for iPhone and iPad is $149.99, a mobile SCADA and HMI app for remote monitoring and control or process values, see detail.
    • Oscium WiPry is an iPhone and iPad app that is free, or at least the demo version is, it’s basically 2.4GHz spectrum analyzer and you need an accessory to see the full version.
    • Oscium LogiScope, app is free but you need the hardware to make this logic scope work on your iPhone or iPad.
    • iCAD free is a way to view iCAD documents on your iPhone or iPad.
    • Flashlight is a handy iPhone app that will turn on your flash to act as a flashlight. It’s free!
    • 5-0 Radio Police scanner is a free app that will allow you to monitor police, fire, aircraft, and more. It’s free.
    • Shortwave Broadcast Schedules is a $1.99 app for the iPhone and iPad with shortwave schedules, if you’re into that sort of thing.
    • Find my iPhone is a free app that will locate your iPhone, iPad, or anything if it’s misplaces.
    • For the Kindle they have RF & Microwave Toolbox app which is free. It has tools for Microwave engineers as well as RF people.
    • Kindle also has the RF Mobile for 99 cents. This will do RF conversions from dBm to watts to volts as well as power and VSWR.

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  2. If you might be interested in the equations for the IEEE WCET certification (for wireless engineers; WCET = Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies), check out the WCET Wireless Equations app, on both the Apple AppStore and Google Play.


  3. If you might be interested in the equations for the IEEE WCET certification (for wireless engineers), check out the WCET Wireless Equations, on both the Apple AppStore and Google Play.


  4. We built a great app for logging jobs and inspecting gear. It’s available on android or iphone, and is completely free. Search for safetrack (one word) in iTunes, or the Google Play Store.


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