The Wireless Deployment Bundle!


The Wireless Deployment Bundle ready for release! 

Do you need some help getting started in the wireless deployment business? If you’re looking to work on macro sites or on small cells and DAS systems, then get some help here. This isn’t for everyone, just groups that are serious about wireless deployment. I will add my new book about deployment efficiencies to this package when it’s released later this year.

This bundle includes books about deployment and tower work. This should cover most of your wireless deployment needs for knowledge. I am here to help you get a head start and learn from my mistakes. See what works and how to protect yourself in the wireless deployment industry. Small Cells and DAS are really going to make a push so be prepared.

Taking you on the wireless deployment journey from the tower climber to the scope of work to the book that shows you the complete end to end wireless deployment. The package is right here. You will learn more about wireless deployment, and the specifics for the tasks. Tower work and small cells are all part of tyhe system now. It is all important to learn in this business. However, the scope of work will be your key to getting paid!

Available on Sellfy, click here!

Available on Gumroad, click here.

Set includes:

1) The Wireless Deployment Handbook, the Small Cells, CRAN, and DAS edition.

2) Tower Climbing: An Introduction, eBook and Audio book

3) The Wireless Scope of Work Tutorial video and eBook

4) The field Worker’s Aid for Tower Work

5) The Tower Climbing Logbook, spreadsheet and PDF

Brought to you by Wade Sarver, who writes for blog and narrates the podcast.

Available on Sellfy, click here!

Available on Gumroad, click here.

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