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People and investors have been asking about some serious issues in the industry. I did some research for you and put together a few reports so far. I am putting together a new company, TechFecta, that will perform reports and do consulting just so you can stay focused on what you need to and I will do the research. Let’s see what’s been put together so far.

Is the Wireless Work Model for Contractors and Workers Changing?

The first report is about the wireless work model changing. It is obvious that the wireless carriers have been driving down the price of field workers and RF engineers. While this used to be a lucrative business in the early 2000’s it is now considered a commodity. This is happening at a time when the FCC and OSHA have teamed up to require that tower climbers should be trained better for their job.

You do the math: Less money to do the work – higher costs for training – experienced people leaving the industry for better pay = a deteriorating work model.

I put together a report for you to understand how the hourly employee may be a thing of the past in wireless field work. It’s looking more like they will be paid by the job with the milestone of not only completing the job but not getting paid until after it’s tested, just like the contractors do.

1099 Worker or W-2 Employee?

Most workers out there don’t have a clear understanding if they are a 1099 worker or a W-2 worker. In fact, most employers think that if the worker is W-2 worker then they just send over a check for the hours performed. There is more to it than that.

This report lays out the details of what the expectations are for both the worker and the employer. It’s a high-level report put together to help you understand where each group stands and what entitlements are to be expected.

For the worker and the employer who may think it clear-cut but in the end, if there is a lawsuit, things may not be as clear as expected. Everybody is happy until somebody gets fired or sued.

What would happen if Sprint and T-Mobile Merged?

There has been a lot of talk about the meeting between Masayoshi Son and President Trump. In fact, the FCC is making sweeping changes once the new president gets rolling. So, what does that mean to the #3 and #4 wireless carriers in the USA?

I believe we all think they have a better chance of merging than ever before. If they do, what does that mean to the industry? To the workers of each company? For the contractors that do the work for either company?

We can speculate but this report gives you some insight and makes predictions about what could happen to the companies if they, in fact, do become one. Their chances are better than ever and Softbank knows it. The workers may be worried because there are always casualties in a merger. How will this one play out? My predictions are in this report.


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