Will IOT be a 5G Service?

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Of course. When we look at 5G it is well beyond the devices that we are used to. It’s time to expand your horizons beyond a simple device. That is why IOT is used along with 5G in so many conversations. IOT and 5G are used synonymously even though they are not the same thing. The thing is, 5G is the network description and IOT is the application.

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When we think of 5G, we think of the signal tTower Safety for all your safety training!o a device. Now the signal will go to much more than a smart device. It will go to smartphones and tablets, but it’s also going to go to sensors, video cameras, games, smart gloves, smart anything that can be connected. We already see it with Wi-Fi that set the stage for 5G to connect to anything. The problem is that we need more bandwidth for stuff like that.

Here it is “The 5G Deployment Plan” available now!5g-deployment-plan-front-cover-3k-pixels

Just when we thought more and more bandwidth was the answer, IOT device makers realize that they don’t need the bandwidth, but they also realize that lots of bandwidth needs lots of battery power to support it. So, they thought, how did pagers last so long on that tiny AA battery? How? They did it with less bandwidth, with the power to sleep until the code wakes it, and not using the display all the time. WOW! Paging technology ideas are still the foundation for modern technology! I remember we had QAM 64 before carriers had LTE. Anyway, I digress.

While the broadband is adding amazing opportunities to the modern era, like remote surgery, self-driving cars, long-range drones, gaming, video, and applications. We also have machine to machine communications we call IOT, which we need to track devices that can track and control remote things without having a human constantly looking at a screen. In almost real-time it can adjust.

While wireless gets not only more advanced, it gets more and more efficient with less and less overhead. It’s not all the wireless side, the network is pushing the computing and decision-making to the edge. It all started with the cloud bringing the data closer to where we are. Now the edge is bringing it closer to the wireless edge with less overhead and lower latency. We can have the application’s source get closer to the actual remote device.

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The edge makes all this possible. Efficiencies were built into the wireless formats. Now the network is building in its own efficiencies by reducing the latency that it would normally have in transport. Routers and switch have become more efficient but now we are finding a way to cut out the travel delay that has been there for years. Now we can eliminate the travel delays by having more computing done closer to the device making readings and changes happening real close to real-time.

WOW! Just a quick overview of what is out there and how cool it is.

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