iPhone X Missing Spectrum & Technology!

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Did anyone notice that the latest iPhone did not have 600MHz in it that T-Mobile is rolling out? What is that about. It doesn’t have the CBRS spectrum in it either! WHAT?

The iPhone X is an eXample of what not to do! It’s a failed eXperiment! It’s a loser at any X games. It’s an eXtreme eXample of a throwback device! If they wanted a throwback, they should have 5g-deployment-plan-front-cover-3k-pixelsmade it the X flip phone, like the devices Nextel had. Xtreme Fail! Xtreme disappointment!

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OK, that’s out of my system, let’s move on.


Why would they not put in the latest spectrum? Now that they released this they already have a gaping hole in the device! Oh sure, it has facial recognition, when it works, great.

What’s missing?

  • T-Mobile is looking to be in band 71, 600MHz, but there is no device to support it.
  • The CBRS is 3.5GHz, and that’s band 48.
  • No LAA availability for LTE!

Why does this matter?

Because the future of LTE will rely on new spectrum to get the speeds they need to deliver the 5G broadband that we expect. They matter because LTE will rely on LAA and HPUE and gigabit capability to get the broadband that people want and need. It is how we expect to get more form our devices, T-Mobile isn’t building out 600MHz just so they can stare at the shiny new radio heads and antennas! They want to deliver the best bandwidth they can to their customers. They want to maximize every site so that the end-user, the customer, YOU, are satisfied with your device.

Listen, if you’re looking at advancing the bandwidth to your device, then look at the device! Apple just showed that their primary motivation is the facial recognition and apps, so that get you addicted to the device itself!  But without the bandwidth to serve you, what good is it? You need spectrum. You need the support system to get spectrum. The carriers are doing all that they can to get that bandwidth maximized to your device, wouldn’t it be nice if Apple would reciprocate? They need to get their crap together and Tower Safety for all your safety training!remember that they are a technology company first and foremost. All I can ask is, “is that what Steve Jobs would have done?” Would he have put the technology on a back burner just to release a new device? I think we all know the answer to that.

Let’s see what Samsung will do. This is their big chance to jump ahead and show us what they can do. Maybe Google will release something great when they take over HTC. Google has a large investment in CBRS, at least in time. They may push it harder than anyone.

To me, Apple is putting all its eggs in the Wi-Fi basket. Maybe that is their way to keep the connection alive. Maybe they could care less about the new spectrum coming out or the coverage that the carriers are trying to build. Maybe Apple could care less about T-Mobile’s sales of their devices. I don’t know.Get the Wireless Deployment Handbook today!

To be honest, I was an Apple fan, but now I see them changing into a typical supplier, worried about moving units on the short-term flash and less about building something that has longevity and evolution capability.

I was disappointed, but hey, I am a tech guy, Apple no longer wants to appeal to us anymore, at least that is how I am reading this. All I can say is “LET DOWN!”


Be smart, be safe, and pay attention!

See Ya!

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