Review of Hang Men show on Discovery.

OK, here are some places where you can see some feedback. If you want to let me know what you think then leave a comment below or on my Wade4Wireless Facebook page.

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OK, from your feedback it sounds like most of you don’t seem very happy. Don’t blame the climbers, they got the job done and they got paid, right. That’s the goal! The drama is for the show and you  have to admit, most of you  probably worked with drama queens, right. Someone who was always pissed off for some reason or another, it happens, some people are that way. 

I’ll tell you what I thought, it was a normal day on the job. I mean take away all of the drama that they added to it, it was a normal day. Can anyone out there tell me it wasn’t? I agree that they repeat the facts that most climbers really don’t care except about the money. Let’s face it, money matters. So when we hear about the money it matters. 

I know most of you didn’t like the fact that they were worried about climbing at night, let’s face it, we all climbed in the dark, so the climber’s probably didn’t add that but the narrator probably did for drama. Let’s not get too angry, it’s still a show about climbing. I would bet they were going to be as careful as possible because of any liability. I think what I would do is use more GoPro footage. They should also pick some longer more intensive jobs, like a carrier’s installation or a large tower construction. I don’t think the show producers would do that because it would be weeks worth of work rather than a few day commitment. 

For one, OSHA will probably watch this show to see what is going on at the sites. I saw in the promo the guys coming down without a rope safety line or grab, it looked bad. I didn’t see that on this show. I would imagine the producer had to film about 8 shows to get it on the air. 

Let’s face it, both jobs were something that anyone would go through. I have been on jobs like that were the older fellow runs a job, I don’t see a problem with that and someone usually gets pissed off because they think they can do better. To raise 2 sticks shouldn’t take too long but running the coax takes some time to get it up there, attach the connector, ground kits, jumpers, weatherproof, and tie down. That’s the one thing I didn’t see on the job in Jersey. The crew appeared to do OK on the tower. 

In Harrisburg, that also seemed like a typical job. On the other job where John Paleski got stung by a bee, guys, this is something that I talk about, a hazard that you may overlook. Poor john was 200′ up and had to get down before he could get treated. It’s a good thing he was able to, but John is a strong guy who didn’t have a severe reaction so he was lucky. John’s site is at for anyone interested. If someone doesn’t respond to you on the tower, you get worried, so that’s why they went up after him. 

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  1. Listen mr. Know it all, the bee stings were no joke at all. I was stung 6 times in the groin area and once in the finger.
    Having an allergic reaction while climbing is a serious and dangerous event.
    And don’t question my integrity here. I have 28 years of climbing experience and developed a respected reputation in this industry. I’ve built hundreds of towers many over 400 feet. I own over 300. I would not risk
    my reputation for a show or for anything.
    What have you accomplished?


    • Hey John, I believe you, bee stings, especially that many should be taken seriously. First off, I am glad you’re OK. I’m just glad you were able to get off the tower safely. When an allergic reaction kicks in it can become an emergency situation.
      I know you have a lot of accomplishments in your career, that’s why they picked you. Subcarrier is well known in the industry.


    • I believe you do have many accomplishments in the industry. However the accidents do look staged, and honestly I hope they were. I would rather see the work that you obviously have built your reputation and company on. Why not show you do the work correctly. They can interview accident survivors and reenact accidents that have really caused this industry the reputation it has. After all as you said this is your reputation. Bee sting aside. How does a 4″ pipe fall off the tower by touching it, and it fell on top of a cabinet? A man repelling on a rescue 8 with no safety rope. We are required to have a JSA, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, rescue rope, harness, and most markets are not allowing Fisk let alone a rescue 8 before work even starts. If I did that my job would be in question, as well my company would be thrown out of market. As a professional you have to realize how this would look. Best of luck be safe.


  2. The bee sting was a joke. I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years and know Damn well the bees don’t mess with you. They are high on the rf and don’t bother with you. The show was a joke just like every other reality show.


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