So you want to be a tower climber! Here is the book for you!

Interested in Tower Climbing as a profession? Do you want to be a tower climber? If so, this book will prepare you for your new career. You will see what it takes to do the job. I want to give you an introduction to the tower climbing industry so you’re prepared for what’s ahead! 

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So, are you thinking of becoming a tower climber? I put together a book that would help you, the greenhorn, learn about this career choice. My goal here is to make sure that the new climbers knows what to expect starting out this career. The value for you is that when you show up on day one you have an overview of the tools and expectations. This book will give you an introduction to the job and the industry. You be introduced to what you will be doing on the job and what tools you will use on the job. You will learn about the tasks required to be successful. You will not learn rescue just yet, that should be up to your employer and it’s more than just a chapter. The value of this book lies in you, your desire to be ready to work. Your desire to perform. You will go into the business with an overview of the job and the industry. This only touches the surface, but it’s enough that information to help you understand the basics. I put this together so you add value from day one.

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p style=”text-align:center;”>This gets into not only what you may do, but the tools, safety gear, paperwork, and your health. I also point out possible hazards on the job. You will get to know what to look for. Not all the hazards are on the tower, are they? You will learn about that. You will get an understanding of what it takes to be a team member on a crew. This job requires a strong personality and a team mentality. My goal it to prepare you for a career, and the evolution of your career. Your goal should be to grow to be the best or find out what you are good at. It’s up to you to find what you’re best at. I want to help you find your swing.

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I got feedback that people wanted more choices. Here are the links for your format and payment choices;

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  1. just like to learn the route to get in to the tower climbing i mean it all most if you do not have a direct line your not get in it i apply for few different company and get rejected due to i never done it so who do i need meet to get step in this field ? i do fire and water restoration for living now which i make decent living but i want to get in to this field if any one can lead me there then feel free contact me at my wife email no bs please


    • I will send you some information that may be helpful. The first step is to get on LinkedIn and build your profile. Then search for tower technician or tower crew jobs. If you have a resume, update it, if you don’t then create it. You can create one from your LinkedIn profile.


  2. I’ve been in the industry for a lil over 4 years now but love to have copies of any books available, or lead me to the place where I can get them. Thank you for your time sir.


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