Climber rescued by fire department, again!

Another man was rescued form a cell tower, this time in Chicago. The worker was stuck on the cell tower, 150’ up, on a monopole from what I see, in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood. About 6:15PM on the evening of December 4th 2014. He was hanging below the platform and could not get back up or had the rope to go down. Two climbers were on site at 77th and State streets near Dan Ryan Expressway according to Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford. They got him down around 6:50PM last night. The responders had an aerial ladder rig but I am not sure how they did the rescue. I am very thankful that everyone got to go home safe and sound. Once again, no rescue plan or preparation in place by the climbing team so thank GOD that the fire department is well-trained and quick to respond! Thank you Chicago FD!


Remember this video from January of 2013 when in Gaithersburg Isaac Dupree was rescued after being on the job for only 4 months. Very cold with numb hands he was very worried. Luckily, his coworker, Rob Bonsall geared up to rescue him. A successful rescue! It happened on Rob’s birthday, there is how it is done! Rob got him down from 180’ with no problems!

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What do you think about this? Do you think rescue plans are important? Do you know who this crew worked for?



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