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On today’s show, I have Art King of SpiderCloud, the King of Enterprise small cells is back on the show, he was on in 2016, link found here

Small Cell Cover 4Do you wonder about enterprise small cells and their applications? Have you wondered what CBRS is? How does CBRS work? Who watches the licenses? How is the spectrum managed?

My big question, will the CBRS small cell be a neutral host small cell for multiple carriers? I also want to know about the use cases for this spectrum, one thing that would work outside of the carrier’s domination of spectrum.

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Learn all this am more sports fans! Art goes over the CBRS spectrum and how will the spectrum allocation and licensing happen. It would be better if you listen to the Podcast instead of just looking at these high-level notes. I just could not keep up with all his knowledge!

We met at the NeDAS show in 2016, and I have tried to stay in touch ever since. He is always busy trying to improve the SpiderCloud footprint, and he has been doing a great job. They had a partnership with Cisco for years that helped them get noticed. SpiderCloud has proven that the enterprise model works for licensed spectrum.

I wanted to speak to Art this time because I need to understand the CBRS and how it works. I also want to see what business models he would have for indoor. I then found out that SpiderCloud is going to venture into the great outdoors! WOW! To me, this is a breakthrough, and they intend to do it with the CBRS product they are going to roll out. There is a blog about it here, if you want to learn more.

The thing that has me excited is that they created to help people like me build up my knowledge about CBRS. I need all the help I can get!

What about those questions? Here is my attempt to answer, but best to hear Art answer them in the interview. You do not want to miss it!

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Who is Art King? Art is the Director of Marketing for SpiderCloud Wireless Inc. He has extensive experience in the enterprise from his years as the Global Infrastructure Architecture Lead at Nike, impressive, right? Well, he also is a Board Member of the Small Cell Forum, an outstanding site where you can learn more and more about small cells. Learn more about Art at LinkedIn. If you met Art, you would really like Art, a combination of technical genius and charm which is a winning combination in my book. I call Art the King of Enterprise Small Cells because he and SpiderCloud championed the business case and the growth of the enterprise small cell better than anyone. They worked hard to build the business case, and they saw a glimpse of what the enterprise can do with licensed spectrum. Many other companies have followed this disruptor, but they all came in later. Art was key to making this happen.

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SpiderCloud,, is a wireless small cell company that specialized in enterprise small cells and have worked with major carriers in the US to deploy indoor small cells. They are a member of the CBRS Alliance, one of the founding members in fact. The membership has grown in the last year.

Special note, Corning just acquired SpiderCloud, the story is here. While SpiderCloud partnered with Cisco for a long time, they never took the next step to purchase SpiderCloud, but Corning sees real value here. They know that they can step up the game and use this as another tool in their arsenal. It is another weapon in their portfolio and one that makes CommScope very nervous.

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Be smart, be safe, and pay attention!

See Ya!

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