Art King is the King of Enterprise Small Cells

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In this show we have a small cell legend. Art King of SpiderCloud, who had a great career in IT and made the move into carrier small cells for the enterprise. He actually had the idea for the enterprise small cell long before it was a thing. He would collaborate with the SpiderCloud gang before he even worked there with ideas and suggestions. Then he spoke about how he transitioned from Nike to SpiderCloud, who was lucky enough to snag this enterprise small cell visionary.

This guy has done a lot for indoor carrier coverage. Think about it, when 5G rolls out this will be the critical piece of the puzzle. He really understood Enterprise IT better than almost anyone. He saw that Wi-Fi would be the stepping stone to what the carriers can provide today.

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LinkedIn LTE Small Cell, CRAN, and DAS Deployment

Art brings so much value and history for you to learn everything you can about the enterprise small cell and the evolution of indoor carrier wireless, from the licensed spectrum to LTE-U to MulteFire to 3.5GHz CBRS. It’s all good stuff, so you should set aside an hour and learn from this guy.

We discussed how the mobile phone evolved into the smart phone, thanks to the iPhone, Apple, (along with AT&T), was a game changer for the wireless industry even though Apple never made a base Tower Safety for all your safety training!station, just the smartphone, the end device, and it changed the world when AT&T decided to sell it. Now most people can’t live without a smartphone in their lives. Art does a great job of explaining early iPhone and AT&T history and how it affected the enterprise wireless solutions. He was on the forefront of that revolution.

You will enjoy the stories that Art has to tell us, he goes through history of not only the enterprise IT, but wireless in general. If you have the time, then listen to the full interview. It is full of value!

I also asked who will pay for the enterprise small cell moving forward. I thought maybe the shift would happen in 3 to 5 years but he stated that it is much more immediate and brought up a study,, where 30% of enterprises would pay for their own coverage in their buildings today. Even though 30% said they would never pay because it was up to the carriers However, there were 40% undecided but would consider it if the price and technology were right.  With over 320,000 potential enterprise small cell customers in the USA, you can see the market is ready to boom.

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I really would like to thank Art for taking the time to be on this call. He is a great guy that I was lucky enough to talk to at the NEDAS event in NYC in 2016. He was great to talk to and someone I am lucky enough to know. He is changing the future of enterprise and carrier wireless with his innovation and progressive ideas about the enterprise wireless evolution.

If you have the time and want to stay on top of what SpiderCloud is doing for enterprise, then go to and see them on YouTube, to learn more and keep up to date with what SpiderCloud is doing for you. They also have a blog at which is worth looking at and subscribing.

Art also has a slide share presentation about the enterprise small cell, found here, if you want to see what he presented to Small Cell World Summit 2016 where SpiderCloud won the “Excellence in Commercial Deployment (Enterprise)” award,

Art with Martha DeGrasse of RCR back in 2014,

Follow Art on twitter, @ArtKingg to keep on top of his appearances. Art will be at PCIA the week of May 23rd, 2016. Amit Jain will be at TIA the week of June 6, 2016.

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