Another Tower Fatality in Kentucky!

COP Banners for Wade4wirelessFor those of you that didn’t get the message, we lost another climber Tuesday, May 24th, 2016. His name was Tyler Comer, a young man from West Virginia, 19 years old, fell about 110 feet from what the news articles day. A worker for S&S Tower Services and was with them for less than a year. Somehow they were contracted through Appalachian Wireless but I’m not sure how they tie together.

This is not S&S Communications Specialists Inc.who lost climbers a few years ago.

If you could, say a prayer for his family, I am sure that Hubble Foundation and The Tower Family Foundation have already reached out to them.

From what I gather, he fell over 100 feet off of the tower, while reaching for his tools, and that’s about all we know at this point. Apparently, from what they say, he was coming down off of the tower.

All I can say, is always be 100% tied off. Please, if not for your sake, then think of your family, your brother, sister, mother, father, spouse, kids, any family you may have. Even your friends and coworkers. This young man can’t change what happened, but you can help prevent these from happening. Give someone a hard time that doesn’t stay 100/100 all the time. Please!

This is the fourth tower related fatality this year.

Wireless Estimator did a really good job of outlining this story and the other deaths this year. May of 2016 has been a horrible month for loss in the tower industry.

Learn more at:


Man Falls From Tower in Kentucky, Adding to the List of 2016 Climber Fatalities

19-Year-Old Man Falls From Tower in Kentucky, Fourth Tower Fatality of 2016


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