Is LTE almost obsolete already?

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What will we do? CBRS was released too late to make LTE a private network (way to go FCC) and LTE-U never had legs. With all the delays by Wi-Fi lovers, neither one took off before 5G could become the next “IT” technology. What will we do? It looks like we’ll become 5G converts!

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Do we continue to kid ourselves and hope that LTE can become a technology to be adopted by private networks or do we look ahead to 5G? Now with 5G-U being laid out by the 3GPP before 5G is widespread lets me know it has a better shot at making it than LTE-U.

LTE is great for carriers and as a low latency network, but what future can we expect from it? LTE- U probably won’t be adopted by many because of all the setbacks and delays.

What setback? Let me count them:

  • 3GPP didn’t adopt LTE-U until recently, and now they are already working on 5G and 5G-U.
  • CBRS was delayed by the FCC so long that any hopes of having an industry built around private LTE were killed by the FCC. Way to go FCC!
  • Devices never adopted the CBRS spectrum, mainly because the FCC too so long to do anything, that it’s likely to be replaced by a 5G format.
  • Devices never adopted LTE-U either, it’s like the carriers just gave up on it.
  • OEMs don’t even think LTE-U is a viable unlicensed solution anymore because 5G is almost GA. (Generally Accepted)

OK, that’s 5 reasons, do I need more?

Let’s face it; we’ll soon live in a 5G world. LTE is going to be sunset someday, like 3G and 2G technologies. It will make most companies think about how to move forward. Will they consider a Private LTE network when LTE will be sunset in a few years? It is something that companies have to consider when making the investment. If they are willing to make a small investment to see how it works and then have a path to 5G, it might be worth it. It also depends what the need is. LTE provides a very efficient system for low latency and clean handoffs. It makes sense depending on the model.

OEMs and vendors never got the private LTE systems rolling out for mass markets. The good thing is that they might have the opportunity to do that with 5G. If 5G can be used on CBRS bands and 5G-U is adopted early, then 5G formats will have legs. Sorry all you LTE lovers, but tech is rolling through with 5G whether we like it or not.

Now, we have to learn how to build 5G networks so we can take advantage of the 5G features like low latency and massive broadband. I hope we have plenty of spectrum o do all of this.

Thank you for your time and learning! We’re all learning as we go, any shortcut will help! It adds value.

Be smart, be safe, and pay attention!

See Ya!

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